All persons entering the campsite must comply with the following rules:

1. In order to stay at the campsite it is compulsory to present the corresponding ID card or passport, as well as to fill in the documentation required for this purpose by the campsite. Minors under 16 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult and responsible person will not be allowed to enter the campsite.

2. The Management may refuse entry or interrupt the stay of those persons who do not comply with the most elementary rules of hygiene or coexistence, as stipulated by law.

3. The admission of animals is reserved. In accordance with the provisions of Law 7/2023, of 28 March, on the protection of the rights and welfare of animals, Camping Lo Monte has at your disposal the “PET ADMISSION RULES”, both on the website and at reception.

4. The current rates are displayed on the official sign. The prices apply per day. The camping pitch day ends at 12 noon and departures after 12 noon will mean an extra day. The bungalow camping day ends at 13:00 h. and departures after 13:00 h. will mean an extra day.

5. You must set up on the pitch assigned to you. Tents, caravans and vehicles may only be pitched during the Reception Office’s operating hours in the places designated by the Management. Changes of location must be communicated to and permitted by the Reception Office.

6. The client must be provided with a damp-proof cable-hose and a plug with an earthed socket. Power 5 amps.

7. We advise the least possible use of vehicles inside the campsite. Speed limited to 5 km/h.

8. It is forbidden inside any of the closed facilities of the campsite (restaurant, cafeteria, sanitary blocks, reception, and especially bungalows…), the introduction of any personal mobility vehicle in any of its modalities: Two-wheeled electric scooter, electric unicycle, Segway, Hoverboard, electric skateboard, and any other that may fall under the aforementioned definition, electric or battery-powered, with the exception of vehicles for people with reduced mobility. This measure responds to public health and safety criteria, based on the danger of fires caused by batteries, due to manipulation, damage or the use of inappropriate chargers. Failure to comply with this measure may result in the expulsion of the user from the campsite facilities“.

9. Electric scooters, unicycles or other personal mobility aids may only be used within the campsite on its roads (not on pavements or pedestrian areas) in compliance with the signage and speed limits set for all other types of vehicles on the roads, with a maximum speed limit of 5 km/h. The following traffic rules must be observed. In particular, the following traffic rules must be observed:

– Minimum age for driving vehicles 16 years.

– Obligation to wear a helmet.

– Mandatory use of lights at night.

– It is forbidden to carry more than 1 person on the scooter.

– The owner must present a roadworthiness certificate containing a QR code confirming that the electric scooter fulfils the technical requirements of the regulations. A transitional arrangement applies to this requirement: scooters sold after 22 January 2024 must be certified. Existing scooters can be placed on the market without certification until 22 January 2027.

– Users are not allowed to ride if they have consumed alcohol or drugs.

– Users may not drive with headphones on, or use a mobile phone or any other device while driving.

10. People who are not staying at the campsite are not allowed to enter; authorisation must be requested and a document proving their identity and acceptance of the conditions set by the Management must be presented beforehand.

11. The hours of silence will be from 0:00 h. until 7:00 h. The circulation of vehicles is forbidden. At all times, the volume of radios and TVs must be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb anyone.


A. Submit to the particular rules of the Directorate.

B. Respect the facilities, plants and flowers in general.

C. To leave the different services in good condition.

D. To observe the logical rules of coexistence and public order.

E. To inform the campsite management of any cases of contagious diseases.

F. Collect rubbish in closed bags and deposit them in the existing containers.

G. To pay for all services used.

H. To leave the campsite at the end of their stay.

I. To have an individual fire extinguisher.

J. To have their own insurance.

K. To have the corresponding butane and propane gas permits.


A. Disturbing the rest of other campers during the established hours.

B. Playing games or sports in unsuitable places.

C. Lighting wood fires or any other type of combustion.

D. Being accompanied by unauthorised animals.

E. Carrying objects that could cause an accident.

F. Leaving rubbish outside the rubbish bins.

G. Bringing people into the campsite without the authorisation of the Management.

H. H. Hanging out clothes in unauthorised places where they may cause a nuisance to others. Do not tie ropes or hammer nails into trees.

I. Installing fences on the plot.

J. Carry out any kind of act that may spoil or damage the property, hygiene or appearance of the campsite.

K. To “botellón” in any part of the campsite.

14. It is not permitted to leave tents or caravans unoccupied. If the client plans to leave the campsite and leave the tent, caravan or vehicle on the campsite, he/she is obliged to inform the Reception Office, who may accept the absence under the condition of paying a stipulated amount for childcare.

15. The deadline for the payment of the amounts due for the stay or service is at the end of the day. Those who intend to leave before the opening time of the Reception Office must settle their account the day before, and provide for the appropriate quiet time. 

16. Failure by campers to comply with the rules established in the current legislation on Tourist Campsites, as well as the rules set out in the previous clauses, will entitle the Management of the campsite to terminate the present contract, terminating the same without waiting for the expiry of the agreed period and proceeding to the eviction of the occupied pitch without the need for prior request and authorisation from the camper.

17. Any damage caused by any camper or any visitor to the facilities of Camping Lo Monte to other campers or visitors will be the responsibility of the person causing the damage or of the parents or guardians in the case of a minor.

18. The campsite company is not responsible for theft, theft or damage of any kind that campers may be victims of. Neither is it responsible for damage caused by fires caused by the campers themselves, atmospheric incidents or any other cause beyond the company’s control.

19. It is strictly forbidden for minors under 18 years of age to use the indoor swimming pool unaccompanied by adults who are responsible for their actions.

20. Campers who contravene any aspect of these Regulations will be invited to leave the campsite and if they do not do so voluntarily they will be expelled by the Director, who is officially empowered to do so, requesting the assistance of the forces of public order if necessary.

21. It is expressly forbidden for customers to install on the pitches elements that do not correspond to the temporary, proper and habitual use of the stay on the campsites or elements that damage the tourist image of the establishment. Specifically, it shall not be possible to install floors, fences, sinks, electrical appliances or any other element that, due to its installation, transmits an image of permanence in the campsite, and its installation by the client shall constitute sufficient cause for the termination of the contract, whatever its modality, without the right to any compensation whatsoever. Said cause for termination shall appear in the internal regulations of the establishment, and may be exercised after warning the user and in the event of their refusal to remove what has been installed.

22. The use of toxic drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances within the campsite is prohibited.


Conditions of use of the swimming pools

For the best use and enjoyment of the campsite swimming pools, all users must respect the following rules:

1. It is not permitted to enter the swimming pool area wearing street clothes or footwear.

2. It is not permitted to leave rubbish or rubbish in the swimming pool, and litter bins or other containers intended for this purpose must be used.

3. Pets and animals are not allowed to enter or remain in the entire swimming pool area, without prejudice to the provisions of the Law regarding guide dogs for people with visual impairments.

4. Ball games are not allowed on the premises, or any other activity that may be disturbing to other users.

5. Use of the swimming pool is not permitted if no lifeguards are present. Swimming is not permitted at night without light or when the pool is closed. The hours of use of the outdoor and indoor pools are from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

6. All users must present their identification bracelet to the supervisor, pool attendant, receptionist or lifeguards on duty.

7. Entry to the pool shall be through designated areas only.  It is not permitted to jump over locked gates or fences to gain access to the pool.

Children under 12 years of age (inclusive) must be accompanied by a parent or adult.   

8. Use of the facilities must be in appropriate sports clothing and footwear. Swimming costumes are required.  No running shorts, cropped trousers, cycling shorts or underwear are permitted. Swimming caps are compulsory in the indoor pool.

Bathing shoes are compulsory in toilets and changing rooms.

9. Showers are required before entering the water.  Showers must be used for as long as strictly necessary. The use of shampoo or shower gel in the outdoor showers is forbidden.

10. Access to the indoor pool is limited to those over 18 years of age and minors accompanied by responsible adults.

11. Eating or drinking is restricted to areas outside the pool.

12. The use of glass containers is prohibited in all areas of the pool.

13. Running is not allowed around the pool, shower areas and toilets. 

14. Only those areas assigned for swimming or recreation will be used.

15. Diving and diving is prohibited.

16. The use of profanity, obscene language, or undesirable conduct is not permitted.

undesirable conduct.

17.  Horseplay, hand-to-hand, shouting, or any physical activity that threatens the safety of others is prohibited.

18. No sharp objects, such as glassware, knives, etc., may be brought into the pool area.

19. The use of beach balls or toys in the pool area is not permitted.  The use of flippers, mats, glass goggles or any other items that may harm or disturb users is prohibited. The use of diving masks is limited to classes supervised by an instructor.

20. Users must make sure of the different depths of the pool vessels before using the pool in order to avoid accidents.

21. The instructions of the pool lifeguard must be promptly observed.

22. If any item is required for learning to swim, it may be requested from the lifeguard, who will then return it in good working order and place it in the compartments provided for this purpose.

23. It is forbidden to dirty the water with unhygienic practices. It is forbidden to spit, blow your nose, urinate or contaminate the pool water in any way, as well as to throw objects such as stones, balls,…

24. The use of the pool is not permitted for people with wounds, people wearing patches or bandages of any kind or skin, mucous membranes or respiratory tract affections.

25. Persons suffering from stomach or urinary diseases, in a latent state or under treatment, may not enter the swimming pool.

26. Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances may not enter the pool.

27. Conversations with the lifeguards shall not be permitted during their periods of surveillance.

28. Parents of children participating in swimming practice or swimming lessons shall remain in the pool area.

29. The use of cassette radios or any other sound reproduction devices must be used at a volume that does not disturb the rest of the users of the enclosure.

30. It is forbidden for visitors to enter the campsite unless they have been identified at reception and have paid the corresponding visitor’s fee.

31. All users are obliged to ensure the good state of conservation of the facilities and services, preventing or denouncing any act that may damage them and warning staff when they observe anomalies in the facilities or their equipment.

32. All users are recommended to undergo a medical examination prior to practising sport, especially those who have been inactive for a prolonged period of time or who suffer from a chronic illness.

33. It is forbidden to hang objects from plants, lampposts, railings, gates and parasols.

34. Paddling pool: Its use is reserved for children up to six years of age.

35. Any user who does not comply with the rules for the use of the pool will bewill have to leave the pool.


The minimum age for access to this service is 8 years old, in addition to the following requirements:

– Know how to swim.

– Be accompanied in the water by a person of legal age (up to 16 years old).

– Respect the rules of use of the pool.

 Conditions of use of the slides

– According to the UNE EN 1069-1-2:2017 standard.

– The opening hours will be displayed at the entrance to the slides.

– The use of the slides is reserved exclusively for campsite guests, which DOES NOT INCLUDE THEIR VISITORS.

– For the use of slides it is necessary to know how to swim.
– It is strictly forbidden to use floats, cuffs or any other aids of this type.

– They will have to abide by the instructions that may be given to them through the signs and monitors and lifeguards who ensure their safety and that of the other users.

– Users will jump one at a time, without exception, sitting or lying down according to the indications of each slide.

Booking conditions


The pre-reservation will be held for only 7 days. It will not be definitive until we have received the corresponding deposit (50 € short stay plots – 100 € long stay plots). Check-in time is at 13.00 hours and check-out at 12.00 hours. The prices are for the maximum number of people indicated in each accommodation, as well as for a single vehicle. On arrival at the campsite, a credit card must be provided at reception as a guarantee for any possible damage.

If the client does not arrive on the scheduled day, the reservation will be held for 24 hours. After that time, the booking will be considered null and void, unless written notice is given. In the event of arrival after the contracted date of arrival, always with notice to the reservations department, and/or departure before the contracted date of departure, the full amount of the stay must be paid.

Prices include VAT and/or tourist taxes in force at all times.


The pre-reservation will be held for only 7 days. It will not be definitive until 25% of the total amount of the stay has been received. Check-in time is at 17.00 hours and check-out at 13.00 hours. The prices are for the maximum number of people indicated in each accommodation, as well as for a single vehicle. On arrival at the campsite, a credit card must be provided at reception as a guarantee for any possible damage, as well as a cash deposit of 60 €, which will be returned on departure once the inventory and cleanliness of the bungalow have been checked.

If the client does not arrive on the scheduled day, the reservation will be held for 24 hours. After that time, the booking will be considered null and void, unless written notice is given. In the event of arrival after the contracted date of arrival, always with notice to the reservations department, and/or departure before the contracted date of departure, the full amount of the stay must be paid.

Prices include VAT and/or tourist taxes in force at all times.


Whatever the type of reservation, in case of cancellation, the refunds will be:

– With more than one month’s notice, 90% of the deposit.

– From 7 to 30 days notice, 50% of the deposit.

– Less than 7 days notice, 0% of the deposit.


Data protection

By means of this notice, MONTE HORADADA, S.L. (hereinafter, the “Campsite”) informs the users of its website about its personal data protection policy (hereinafter, “the Personal Data”) so that they can freely and voluntarily determine whether they wish to provide the Campsite with the Personal Data requested in the booking and/or information request form.

The Camping reserves the right to modify the present data protection policy in order to adapt it to new legislation and industry practices. The Personal Data will be processed automatically and incorporated into files for which the Camping will be the owner and responsible.

The collection and processing of Personal Data, carried out directly by the Camping or by third parties on behalf of the Camping, is for the purpose of maintaining the contractual relationship that the customer may have with the Camping, the management, administration, provision, extension and improvement of the services of the Camping and their adaptation to the preferences and tastes of the customers, as well as the sending, by traditional and electronic means, of commercial information about the services offered by the Camping at present and in the future.

The Camping will not transfer or share the Personal Data with third parties without the prior and express consent of the affected parties.

The Camping or, if applicable, the third parties that process the Personal Data on behalf of the Camping, have adopted the legally required security levels for the protection of the Personal Data. Nevertheless, the user must be aware that Internet measures are not impregnable.

Users have recognised and may exercise their right to access, cancel and rectify their Personal Data, as well as their right to oppose, by contacting the Camping by e-mail at

For the purposes of the provisions of Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, MONTE HORADADA, S.L. informs that the data provided as a result of your reservation request will be automatically processed and incorporated into an automated file duly registered in the General Register of Data Protection, whose responsible and recipient is MONTE HORADADA, S.L. The purpose of this file is to respond to requests for reservation and manage the future acceptance of the same, as well as to send commercial communications.

The personal data collected will not be disclosed to third parties and are processed in compliance with the established security levels.

The customer expressly consents to the processing of their personal data, in accordance with the provisions of this clause. However, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, under the terms established in the current legislation, by writing to the postal address of MONTE HORADADA,S.L.

In accordance with Law 34/2002 of 11 July, MONTE HORADADA, S.L. informs you that, following this act, it intends to use your e-mail address to send you commercial communications or promotional offers relating to its services and special offers. In the event that the client does not wish to receive the aforementioned commercial e-mails, he/she should indicate this in the field created for this purpose.

However, if the client has given his/her consent, he/she may revoke it, subsequently and at any time, by means of written communication to the e-mail address

Pilar de la Horadada, 1 January 2024

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