Since its inauguration in 2011, we have tried to implement in the Lo Monte campsite the ethical commitment that has characterized the operation of our family business for several generations. The decisions we make on a day-to-day basis go beyond purely economic or technical interest. We try to promote the social responsibility that, as a company, corresponds to us, understood as the transversal integration in our operation of policies and procedures that assume and understand social, labor, environmental concerns and respect for Human Rights.

Our commitment is structured around seven fundamental axes:

  1. Transparency:  the internal functioning of Camping Lo Monte, as well as its relationship with the administration, clients and suppliers, is governed by the principle of transparency. In this sense, MONTE HORADADA, SL, a company that promotes and manages the campsite, has recently approved its Criminal Prevention Plan, in the terms provided in Organic Law 1/2015, reforming Law 10/1995 – our current Penal Code -. -, which presents the organization and management models that include the ideal surveillance and control measures to prevent crimes. This organizational model, or criminal or regulatory compliance program, involves transferring the criminal prevention function to the company, allowing it to self-regulate and equip itself with the mechanisms that best adapt to its structure and operation.
    To this end, we have approved the Criminal Prevention Plan and the strongest commitment has been made to guarantee its dissemination to all employees and bodies throughout the company until its proper application and operation are achieved.
  2. Suppliers:  social responsibility extends to relationships with suppliers of products and services. A strict selection and evaluation policy is followed to ensure the establishment of long-term business relationships that promote the development of local companies and the confidence of both their investors and consumers.
  3. Labor policy:  we are a company concerned about the welfare of our workers. All legal provisions regarding work are strictly complied with, as it cannot be otherwise:
    1. No employee will be under the age of 16.
    2. No person employed at the campsite will be discriminated against on the grounds of race, physical disability, illness, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, age, nationality or gender.
    3. All forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse of your employees, as well as any other conduct that could generate an intimidating, offensive or hostile work environment is prohibited.
    4. The salary received by the campsite employees is in accordance with the function performed, always respecting the collective agreement of our sector.
    5. All of our employees carry out their work in safe and healthy places.
    Likewise, we try to protect other essential aspects at work: work-life balance, appreciation of diversity, commitment to professional development. In short, great emphasis is placed on creating a good working environment that, without a doubt, results in increasing the greatest asset of our company: its human capital.
  4. Environment:  the campsite was inaugurated in 2011 and since its opening it has been certified to implement the ISO 14001 standards regarding respect for the environment. Among the measures adopted to obtain this certification we can point out the following:
    1. For the creation of the campsite, some 27,000 trees were planted on land where there were none before. Some camping areas have not been exploited, but have been maintained as green areas for the benefit of our customers.
    2. Installation of a system made up of 80 solar panels to heat pool water, with an approximate saving of 70% of its cost.
    3. Installation of a comprehensive system to save on water consumption.
    4. Installation of a “fan coil” heating system in sanitary buildings. It allows a very efficient use inasmuch as it uses flexible machines that adjust its operation to the real needs of each room.
    5. Public lighting using LED bulbs, with energy savings of up to 90%.
    6. Comprehensive recycling system for waste generated at the campsite: organic waste, paper, oils, fluorescent tubes, etc.
    The perception of the advantages derived from the implementation of this system were perceived from the first moment, especially with regard to the reduction of the costs of some supplies (electricity and gas, mainly) and the acquisition of a type of client, that of the camping, very sensitive to the environmental issue.
  5. Customer orientation:  the loyalty of our customers goes through giving great importance to their opinion and assiduous participation in the management processes to improve the quality of the service and their satisfaction. Camping Lo Monte underlines the value of the claims resolution process and its inclusion in the marketing and communication policy, while encouraging the participation of customers in our solidarity campaigns: blood donation, food collection, promotion of recycling among children, etc.
  6. Accessibility:  from the beginning we were clear that it was necessary to provide the campsite with as many facilities as necessary to make it accessible to all people, especially those who, due to their age, disability or physical or mental limitations, could find it more difficult to enjoy something that is of all: tourism as an integrating element.
    Based on these premises, a campsite was designed and executed “for everyone”, adapted to the comfort requirements of the greatest number of users. In order for anyone to enjoy its services, regardless of age, sex, cultural origin or degree of ability, the following actions were carried out, among others:
    This important effort was recognized by the Territorial Service for Tourism and Culture, which on June 4, 2012 certified its accessibility and authorized it to be advertised as “adapted for motor disabilities”, assessing “very positively the effort made to improve accessibility conditions” .
    This recognition was endorsed in 2014 with the award given to Lo Monte camping in the ADAC Camping Awards in the “Accessibility” category. ADAC, equivalent to the Royal Automobile Club of Spain, publishes the most prestigious camping guide in Europe. It has more than 16 million members and its evaluation and qualifications, made from independent judges, are taken into account by millions of campers when choosing the place to spend their vacations. This award, which gave it the “Most accessible” camping category in Europe, had a huge echo in the sector. Likewise, on September 28, 2016 Monte Horadada, SL was awarded the 2015 Valencian Community Tourism Award for accessibility and inclusive tourism for the integral adaptation of the Lo Monte campsite. Their contribution to accessibility was appreciated,
    It can be concluded that carrying out this type of action is highly satisfactory for its promoters, who can see how their establishment receives customers who are especially sensitive due to their limitations. Satisfaction that extends to the tourism sector in general due to the fulfillment of two objectives identified in the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.
  7. Quality:  the Lo Monte campsite was certified since its opening, likewise, for the implementation of the quality system imposed by the ISO 9001 standard. We understand that this is one of the fundamental pillars of our social responsibility policy as it results in quality perceived by our clients, supported by three fundamental pillars:
    1. The participation of the administration, since it is this that has to design the quality policy and objectives, in addition to reviewing the data of the management system of the same and taking the necessary measures to ensure that its guidelines are met, set new goals and make continuous progress.
    2. Greater productivity, as a result of the improvement of processes and the training of our employees, who have more information to solve problems on their own. With better documentation or process control, it is possible to achieve stability in performance, reduce the amount of waste and avoid rework.
    3. Increase in the degree of customer satisfaction because the established objectives take their needs into account. We have established an ongoing process to gather your input and analyze and meet your needs.
    In short, we have tried from the beginning to respect, and to some extent take advantage of, the principles contained in the World Tourism Code of Ethics, convinced that this is the correct way to achieve a business operation committed to ethics and democracy, close to excellence and away from short-term goals. At Monte Horadada, SL we try to apply the values ​​that we have always seen in our family and that are none other than respect for the laws and, above all, for people.


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